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Jewelry Making Process


Finishing generally refers to the final stage of jewelry manufacture, but it can include most any surface treatment, bright polish, texture, color, or other mechanical or chemical process. Polishing specifically refers to the ultimate or final smoothing of a surface to obtain a high luster or uniform reflectivity.


Our jewelry store displays are designed for inside jewelry display cases or on top of display units. Our jewelry store displays and jewelry stands come in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors to match the atmosphere of any jewelry store or jewelry department.


Grinding Polishing absorbs the biggest share of the cost and produces highest losses in manufacturing jewellery. It gives the final finish to the process. High quality automatic smoothing and polishing following the design of the piece with fidelity, needing little hand labour and with very low cost.


We ensure superior quality range of Jewellery Dewaxer which is largely acclaimed in the market for high performance and sustainability. These products are developed in our modern unit using advanced grade materials. We apply the most advanced technology to ensure modern range of products as per our client requirements. They are available at the most beneficial market.

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